Dude’s Day with Tony… Survey Says?

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Marquette, MI  –  June 19, 2014  –  Another Dude’s Day has arrived for 103FXD’s  The Sara Cera Show. Tony Perino, one of GLR’s own Dudely Dudes, became our surprise visitor on this mornings show. We discussed the 13 Unexpected Things Men Love About Women with him, and how Tony feels personally about what made the list.

1. Her ‘Saved The Last One Habit’

Tony agrees. Who doesn’t like when their girl saves them the last piece of pizza pie? As long as it’s not a pickle, Tony appreciates his woman’s thoughtfulness regarding saving the last for her man.

2. Her Getting Ready Ritual

Tony surprised us with his answer, and agreed with this statement. He stated that the extra time spent during this ritual lets him have more time for dudely things: like fishing or another beer. While she spends extra time primping, he is just doing what he likes.

3. Her Unabashed Silliness

Of course, the Dude agrees. This one is almost a no-brainer, most guys like a woman with a good sense of humor… “Happy Wife, Happy Life” says it all! So get silly with your man ladies… it works!

4. Her Reality TV Guilt

Another yes from Tony… who has been Keeping Up with the Kardashians….and has a very full DVR to prove it!

5. Her Vulnerable Moments

Tony’s response to this one was incredibly sweet! He says it is his duty to care for his mate when she is under the weather, “…not to get all 1950’s or anything.” So yes, men do unexpectedly love this about their woman, as long as they allow their man to care for them when they are down and out.

6. Her B.S. Detector

“Don’t trust him honey… I can see right through that slimeball!” Men like to feel like their woman has their back!

7. Her Sweet Tooth Defense

“I deserve my chocolate because I woke up early and went to the gym before I dropped the kids off at daycare…” Making excuses for our guilty pleasures is Dude Approved!

8. Her Culinary Confidence

“I can make that better in my own kitchen… Excuse me waiter- What’s that seasoning the chef used on my chicken?”

9. Her Spontaneous Singing

Narrating life’s experiences with a silly song to keep things interesting… a yes to this following our Dude’s Day survey with Tony.

10. Her Dramatic Performance

“Honey you sautéed those onions like no one else! I mean who does that standing on their head???” Tony confirmed that any dramatic performance including whining and tears was nothing to love, but if his woman makes him an omelet while doing a backbend, he would be impressed.

11. Her (Non) Shopping Habit

And survey says… yes! Whether you review the charge card purchases and returns, or just join your lady for some shopping, you can get some great gift ideas by supporting her in her (non)shopping.

12. Her Meticulous Planning

Men secretly love it when women have everything under control…so plan away ladies!

13. Her Mock Disappointment

“Honey, you left the pizza box on the table… could you come put it away?” Followed by playful banter, and possibly a big ‘ol kiss- this is actually something men like about their woman.

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