Bruises: Divorce, Crazyland, Jiu-jitsu…a Memoir

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BruisesMarquette, MI  –  June 20, 2014  –

Friday is here again! On The Sara Cera Show, Fridays are all about the arts and entertainment. Today we discussed Bruises: Divorce, Crazyland, Jiu-jitsu…a Memoir… and also a required read for anyone in the mood for a new literary experience. If you have ever experienced divorce (whether first or second hand)- this book was made for you! The novel is incredibly fresh, with a very real glimpse into the world of Jiu-jitsu and the man who uses this art to numb the pain of divorce…It’s an easy read, so grab yourself a copy!  Spend some time in the sun this weekend with 240 pages of an uplifting tale by Michael R. Simpson.


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“Reading this book I laughed out loud, was on the edge of my seat and cried!”
Kelly Ghee

“The author has a great sense of humor.  ” Gayle Pace

“I probably enjoyed it the most as an uplifting guide to keep you on track to accomplishing what you find desirable, worthwhile and rewarding in life.  ” Nathan Blackmon
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