Michigan Election & Proposals 2012 – Some Resources

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Great Lakes Radio - Please Vote 2012

Great Lakes Radio – Please Vote 2012

There a lots of ads regarding the proposals on the Michigan Ballot this year, some about candidates.  Here are some links that may help clarify details, pro, con, etc.

So, if you need information that is available at Michigan Voter Information Center, check it out here: https://webapps.sos.state.mi.us/mivote/

0.  First things first, are you Registered to Vote?  Are you sure?


Now, that you know you are “allowed” to vote, if you live in Marquette County, do you know “where” you vote?


1. From the League of Women Voters for the State of Michigan:

For STATEWIDE BALLOT PROPOSALS, including pro and con position statements, click here.

2. From The Michigan League of Responsible Voters – Well, not exactly neutral but somewhat informative

Proposal 1: Emergency Manager

Proposal 2: Protect Working Families

Proposal 3: Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs

Proposal 4: Keep Home Care a Safe Choice

Proposal 5: Supermajority Vote
Some notes from a Tea Party and Meeting on Proposals:


Michigan Ballot Proposal - Tea Party Perspective


3. View Your Ballot!


4. What’s the Detroit Free Press Say about the Michigan Supreme Court Ballot 2012?


5.  The Citizens Research Council of Michigan on Proposals :


6.  Some Quick Facts about Michigan Election, Laws, Candidates, and Proposals




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