2012 Unofficial Michigan General Election Results as of 5:38 am 11/7/2012

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Unofficial Election Results and Resources for Marquette and Michigan General Election

Unofficial Election Results and Resources for Marquette and Michigan General Election

Looking for Election Results? Well, nothings really “official” but here are some resources to get current “unofficial” results for Michigan General Election 2012:

President of the United States

United States Senator

Representative in Congress

State Representative

Member of the State Board of Education

Member of the University of Michigan Board of Regents

Member of the Michigan State University Board of Trustees

Member of the Wayne State University Board of Governors

Justice of the Supreme Court

Judge of the Court of Appeals

Judge of the Circuit Court

Judge of the District Court

Judge of the Probate Court

Judge of the Probate District Court

State Proposal

2012 Unofficial Michigan General Election Results – All Races


Marquette County Unofficial Results of the 2012 Presidential Election Updated a.m.

Election Summary Report

Statement of Votes Cast


05:38 A.M. Unofficial  Marquette Countywide Results:

MARQUETTE COUNTYWIDE RESULTSMarquette County Probate JudgeCheryl Hill 16,330

Marquette County Board District 2

Paul Arsenault-D 3092
Lee Guizzetti-R 1822

Marquette County Board District 3

Bruce Heikkila-D 2738
Mike Quayle-NPA 1698

Marquette County Board District 4

Gerry Corkin-D 3112
Charles Anderson-R 1609

Marquette County Board District 5

Deborah Pellow-D 2575
Bob Struck-R 2336

Marquette County Board District 6

Greg Seppanen-D 3244
Nick Smaby-R 2427

Marquette City Commission – 2 open seats

Sara Cambensy 4143
Michael Coyne 3909
Tony Tollefson 2328
Amy Conover 2269

Marquette City Board of Light & Power – 2 open seats

Karen Kimar Johnson 3721
John Prince 3313
Laura Nagle 2907

Marquette City Charter Proposal

Yes 5193 No 1935Ishpeming City Council- 3 open seatsMike Tonkin 1843
Dave Williams 1776
Claudia Demarest 1510Ishpeming City Mayor

Mike Tall 1273
Elaine Racine 1214

Negaunee City Council- 3 open seats

Michael Haines 1344
Diana Menhennick 1332
Mike Van Straten 1269

Chocolay Township Supervisor

Gary Walker-D 1674
Pete Mackin-R 1512

Chocolay Township Clerk

Max Engle-D 1794
Wayne Dees -NPA 832

Humboldt Township Clerk

Jill Rankinen-D 148
Carol Mackey-NPA 95

Ishpeming Township Clerk

Susan Jandron-D 698
Claudia Johnson-NPA 467

Marquette Township Treasurer

Ernest Johnson-D   727
Patricia Mayer-NPA   441

Michigamme Township Supervisor

Alvar Maki-D 163
Louis Cevigney-NPA 56

Michigamme Township Clerk

Jean Howe-D 151
Kelly Ochadleus-No Party 72

Republic Township Clerk

Marilyn Brancheau-D 430
Susan Youngblood-R 159


Ely Township .2 mill request in support of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail.

Yes 438    No 462

Ewing Township 3 mill renewal request for operations millage.
Yes 57    No 27

Forsyth Township request for.4965 mills for library usage millage.
Yes 1597   No 1118

Forsyth Township water revenue bond request for $5.5 million.

Yes 1150   No 1472

Humboldt Township 1 mill renewal for Fire and EMS services.

Yes 195   No 57

Humboldt Township 1 mill road millage renewal request.

Yes 177   No 77

Humboldt Twp 1 mill sanitation renewal request.

Yes 190   No 64

Ishpeming Schools operational 18.38 mill renewal.
Yes 1755   No 947

Marquette Township .9061 mill renewal request for library usage.
Yes 972   No 361

Skandia Township 2.5 mill renewal for emergency services.

Yes 247    No 139

Tilden Township .35 mill increase request for fire services.
Yes 331   No 161

Tilden Township .65 mill increase for garbage services.

Yes 299   No 192


Unofficial Statewide Numbers 2012 as of 6:00am

United States House of Representatives – District 1

Dan Benishek, Rep (i) 164,502
Gary McDowell, Dem 162,589
Ellis Boal, Grn 0
Emily Salvette, Lib 0

Michigan House of Representatives District 107

Suzanne Shumway, Dem 18,299
Frank Foster, Rep (i) 25,300

Michigan House of Representatives District 108

Sharon Gray, Dem 18,654
Ed McBroom, Rep (i) 22,399

Michigan House of Representatives District 109

John Kivela, Dem 23,321
Jack Hubbard, Rep 16,583

Michigan House of Representatives District 110

Scott Dianda, Dem 19,702
Matt Huuki, Rep(i) 18,617

Michigan Supreme Court

Bob Roddis, 0
Doug Dern, 0
Connie Kelley, 0
Colleen O’Brien, 0
Mary McCormack, 0
Kerry Morgan, 0
Stephen Markman, (i) 0

Michigan Supreme Court Partial 2015

Shelia Johnson, 0
Mindy Barry, 0
Brian Zahra, (i) 0



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