Sands Speedway Winding Down Season For 2013

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Fans hit the track this past Saturday as the weather was great for racing and the action was fast and competitive! Only two more dates before the track says god by to their fans for another successful year of racing. Make sure you check out the current standing on the webpage for drivers’ positions!

NEXT Weekend – late Model Invitational!!  Also – Food/can drive through the end of the season!

Here are the results for racing on 8/10:

Fastest Times:
Purestock:  #36 Wyatt Goodwin, Marquette, MI  17.97
4 Cyl Modified: #17 Ross Olsen Jr., Sands, MI 17.343SONY DSC
Super Stock: #13 Ray Keskimaki, Marquette, MI 16.295
Late Model: #51r Pete Polini, Marquette, MI 15.472
Heat: 1st Place – #21 Jerry Bartlett (driving for Collin Cavin)
                2nd Place – #69 Joe Holm, Gwinn, MI
                3rd Place – #36 Wyatt Goodwin, Marquette, MI
Feature:  1st Place –#36 Wyatt Goodwin, Marquette, MI
                2nd Place – #69 Joe Holm, Gwinn, MI
                3rd Place – #21 Jerry Bartlett, (driving for Collin Cavin)
4 Cyl Modified
Heat 1st Place – #17 Ross Olsen, Jr., Sands, MI
                2nd Place – #20 John Holliday, Ishpeming, MI
                3rd Place – #16 Todd Maki, Sands MI
Feature: 1st Place – #92 ½ Jeremy Yelle, Gwinn, MI
                2nd Place – #17 Ross Olsen, Jr. Sands, MI
                3rd Place –# 16x Cory Carter, Sands, MI
Super Stock
Heat I: 1st Place #7 Terry Royer, Perkins, MI
                2nd Place #11 Stu Maki, Sands, MI
                3rd Place #91 Todd Yelle, Gwinn, MI
Heat II: 1st Place #22p Steve Pepin, Escanaba, MI
                2nd Place #23x Chris Lucas, Beaver Grove, MI
                3rd Place #29 Ross Olsen Sr. Sands, MI
Feature: 1st Place – #91 Todd Yelle, Gwinn, MI
                2nd Place –# 23x Chris Lucas, Beaver Grove, MISONY DSC
                3rd Place –# 22p Steve Pepin, Escanaba, MI
Late Model
Heat: 1st Place – #99 Jason Stanaway, Negaunee, MI
                2nd Place – #51r  Pete Polini, Marquette, MI
                3rd Place – #51 Gary McAuliff (driving for Mike Mattson)
Feature: 1st Place – #36 Darryl Britton, Marquette, MI
                2nd Place – #51 Gary McAuliff (driving for Mike Mattson)

3rd place – #46 Rob Goodwin, Marquette, MI

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