Bowling Lanes Outside of Great Lakes Radio

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Bowling Foundation at Superior Bowling Lanes

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Marquette September 25th, 2013 – As I was working at Great Lakes Radio this afternoon, Phil from the Marquette Bowling Lanes came in to ask if some of us could help him and five of the Marquette Elementary School teachers set up a couple of bowling lanes outside.

We learned that they’re using a program called Bowler’s Ed that teaches kids how to bowl better while having fun. This Mobile Bowling Equipment program helps schools, parks, disabled and disadvantaged service groups and other organizations purchase equipment to teach and enjoy bowling.

Luke Noordyk and I were the only people at the office that could help Phil and the teachers that afternoon. It was warm outside and I figured it would be nice to do something different that day. When we joined them in the parking lot, I assumed we would be setting up the bowling lanes for kids. Right away Phil told us we were going to actually be the bowlers, and he separated everyone that was out there into two teams. I was a bit confused at first and skeptical about the two little yellow carpets with plastic pins set up, but I got into line with everyone else. One of the teachers told Luke and I that Phil was just doing it so the teachers could see the way that they should play the game with the kids.

It sure was different from any bowling game I had ever played. Phil had us bowl differently every time, like throwing the ball from a distance or on our knees. The scores were pretty close but because one of the girls on my team got a strike on the last round, we won! Right before we left, Superior Lanes and Entertainment Center handed out a painted bowling pin to everyone that played.

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