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Marquette  – October 25, 2013  –   Marquette City Shakedown?

A proposal in the city of Marquette would effectively ban heavy truck traffic to Big Bay.

At first glance it would be reasonable to assume the city fathers simply hate the people of Big Bay and want to make sure nothing moves in and out of the area. No moving trucks, loggers, or (surprise)… mining  trucks.

Once you take a closer look at the issue, you will see many reasons to oppose the city in this move.  What you will not see in any article is sound reasoning for the change proposed by the city.  Some say it is to appease opponents of the mine, who are only too happy to see any inconvenience to the mine.  The city isn’t using that excuse, or any excuse for that matter.

Lundin Eagle Mine Marquette Michigan

Lundin Eagle Mine Marquette Michigan

A thorough reading reveals the city in discussions with Lundin Mining regarding funding levels for city streets.  In other words… when Lundin comes up with the right number, the city will allow trucks through.  This is a script straight out of a bad western, where property owners wouldn’t allow travel across their property without a hefty toll.

The greedy villains in the movies generally met with a bad end.  Hopefully Marquette will fair better… but if they don’t behave better, they don’t deserve better.

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