Michigan Spring Water Makes the Best Coffee

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Coffee tastes so good when made from Norway Springs Water

Marquette, Michigan  –  (October, 29th)  This morning when I rolled into the 103-FXD studios here in Marquette I was in rough shape. I needed a cup of Joe, and bad!  On these brisk U.P. mornings I can’t go without a mug of hot coffee.  For the past few weeks our coffee has gotten much better… and I wondered why?

I asked Dennis who normally makes the coffee what changed.   Dennis answered “I used the Norway Springs Water to make it.”  Wow, what a difference it made.  Not only does it taste better than before but we have fresh, safe, COLD water all the time with the Norway Springs cooler in the office.  My wife would love this cooler too because it has a hot water spout.  She is a total coffee drinker but in the afternoon she always goes for tea… how cool is instant hot water.


Norway Springs always keeps us stocked with enough bottles of water so we never run out and the Coffee keeps tasting good.