Synergy Fitness Uses Norway Springs Water

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Brian Claus, Co-Owner of Synergy Fitness

Marquette  –  November 4, 2013  – At Synergy Fitness, we understand the importance of quality hydration. That’s why we choose Norway Springs Bottled Water to supply our fitness club with all our bottled water needs.

The great-tasting water comes from a local source right here in the UP, so we’ll always have clean, fresh water available for our clients.

Brian Claus told us, “We’ve always used bottled water because people really seem to like it. As you can imagine, we go through a lot of water here.”

Members of Synergy Fitness of Marquette are always saying things like,

  • “The cold, fresh water is great after a long workout,”
  • “I get some water mid-workout and then fill my bottle up on the way out the door.”
  • “I really appreciate the quality of Northern Springs bottled water.”

Amanda Thompson, Personal Trainer and Patty Martin, Manager noting several have signed up to win the $5,000 Holiday Travel Getaway. You could sign up to at Synergy.

Synergy Fitness is a full service health club serving the Marquette Community offering not only personal training services, but over 30 group fitness classes each week as well.

Brian reminds everyone that Our motto is, “Stronger Together,” and we apply that not only to our individual clients, but to the entire community.

We are Stronger Together with Norway Springs and Synergy Fitness is committed to making our U.P. community stronger every day.

By the way, thanks for responding to our ad campaign “No T”, which stands for “No trainer”.  Brian said, “We have booked several new hours with local residents to help them reach their health goals. Of course, Norway Springs fresh water is a part of that. ”