Norway Springs Water is GOOD Stuff

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11/7/2013 Marquette, Michigan — It’s probably the best water I’ve ever had. Really. We keep a 5 gallon jug of Norway

Norway Springs Water is the best water around

Norway Springs Water is the best water around

Springs handy here at Great Lakes Radio. My co-workers probably don’t appreciate the fact that I fill up my water jug about 3 times per day with Norway Springs Water. Now they know….

I don’t know what I would do without Norway Springs Water. In fact, I”m enjoying Norway Springs Water SOOO much that I’m thinking about enrolling in their monthly plan where they will DELIVER 5 gallon jugs of Norway Springs Water to you. It’s quite a deal and you should check it out on their website.

Norway Springs Water is definitely refreshing! I can tell that there is a HUGE difference between tap water and Norway Springs Water. In fact, Lisa at Norway Springs and Wayne the Water Guy have got together and are offering the Hauge City Unit. Call today for the incredible $4.95 offer for the first 3 months, for the Hauge City Unit. This will filter and clean all the city water going into your house. Call Norway Springs at 1-800-Water-Zero-4. I love you Norway Springs!

-Eric Scott