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money-change-one-dollar-001Marquette, MiDecember 9,2013: Do you shop locally?  More importantly… do you BUY locally?  With Christmas fast approaching, stores are full of people looking for that special something for that special someone.  Some are even looking for that obligatory gift for that person they are compelled to remember.  Either way… I hope you try to spend your money locally this (and every) year.

I just bought a computer from one of our local stores.  I probably could have saved $20-$40 if I went on line to buy the same computer… but I didn’t.  Why in the world would I do that, you ask?  Because I appreciate the opportunity to go to the store and actually look at the things I want to buy.  I appreciate the ability to see items side by side, and to ask someone details about the item.  Most importantly… I appreciate the fact that the store is employing my friends & acquaintances so THEY can spend money at OTHER businesses in town.

We all have an opportunity to make a difference, simply by supporting those who support us.  There are some things you must buy on-line because they are not available locally; and I certainly won’t condemn those who buy on-line.  I simply want to encourage people to TRY to buy locally – even if you pay slightly more.  When businesses close or lay off employees due to lack of business, it hurts all of us (and that cost is much higher than what you probably saved).  So use the computer when necessary… but PLEASE get out to your local stores and spend what you can here at home.

-Dan Adamini – In the Right Mind

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