Pope is Person of the Year

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis -Person of the Year

Marquette, MiDecember 11, 2013– Pope Francis earns the title “Person of the Year” according to Time Magazine.  Although the award generally goes to a person who makes a lot of headlines, this year the award honors a person who truly embodies all that is good in humanity.

Even if you aren’t Catholic, if you are a good person, you must admire this man who is a living example of his faith.  He has spent the majority of his life helping others – TRULY helping others.  He forgoes the honors he has earned, and lives a life of humility and service.

Although his message is much the same as those who came before him, his style is different.  Different enough that many who generally disparage the Catholic church are forced to take a second look.  The press has not attacked him as they did Pope Benedict (also a good man).

His message of service, love, and devotion to his faith truly have earned him the title “Person of the Year,” but Pope Francis most certainly prefers the title “Servant of God.”

-Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

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