How to Never Get Caught Without Fresh Water in a Power Outage

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Water Faucet Dripping Norway Springs

Stay prepared this winter! Keep a supply of fresh, clean water. Norway Springs will even deliver right to your door.

Marquette, Michigan  –  That’s an easy question to answer if you know about Norway Springs.

I have family that lives in the lower peninsula of Michigan, in the Lansing area who went a week without power over Christmas this year.  The massive Ice Storm and Freezing Rain left them in a bit of a bind.

Now in the U.P. we are lucky to have Norway Springs!  For a lot of us Yoopers, no power to run the well pump means no fresh water in the house… sometimes for days.

We all know that the weather here can be harsh and Norway Springs is ready to help keep you prepared.

They specialize in Fresh Clean Water and deliver it right to your home or business! That means you’ll always have a supply of locally bottled water for your family and pets. Best of all, you don’t need power to enjoy it!

Norway Springs has several delivery options for you to choose from and they have a package that will fits your budget. They pride themselves on being a truly local company and understanding the needs of their customers.

This winter you should really be prepared for the worst, having a few bottles of Norway Springs Water on hand would be a great start.  Visit Norway Springs today and see how they can help you.