Unemployment Helps the Economy?

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Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Featured - Rant

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Featured – Rant

Marquette, Michigan  –  January 8, 2014  –  Unemployment benefits grow the economy?

In a renewed effort to prove that people are not all that bright, liberals are trying to convince the dim-witted that unemployment benefits help the economy grow. They theorize that money given to the unemployed is spent, thus growing the economy. Some even claim studies prove the theory – they are wrong on both accounts. Supporters fail to mention that the money given to the unemployed is taken from those who are still employed – so there is no new money coming into the economy — it is just being placed in different hands.

 Now I don’t want to sound insensitive to those who are paying the price for democrat economic policies. I don’t object to the extension of benefits… many are suffering under Obamanomics. I object to those who try to justify behavior by lying to us. I also object to the insult given to those of us who can think by those who believe we are as dim as those who voted for the policies in the first place.

 If indeed people receiving unemployment benefits help the economy, the massive number of those receiving should have the economy booming – but it isn’t. It is clear that democrats believe more unemployment checks are the key to economic growth… that must be why they created so many more unemployed and have no plans to stem that tide.

 Those of us in our right minds know that the best way to help individuals AND the country is to help create jobs… not to create more unemployed.

– Dan Adamini – In the Right Mind

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