Rolling Down The Hiway Going To Family Dinner

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Marquette –  March 20, 2015  –  So you are speeding, but it seems like you are barely speeding. You are scotting down the bypass through town on the way to dinner with the in-laws.

Ding goes a low fuel bell and you instantly say Darn It. You don’t need a low fuel bell on the way to dinner. There’s ten miles to go and you’re five minutes behind.

Plus the mashed potatoes and gravy that you’re toting to the party was piping hot and you can’t stop because it will cool off.

Then the unthinkable happens, the Red White and Blue is behind you just blinking their lights like it’s Christmas time.

Ok, quickly turn into Holiday, pull up to the pump, jump out, open the fuel cap, and begin filling the gas tank. He’d never pull into Holiday after you. Riiiiight.

Darn those cops. When on a mission they protect and serve. You appreciate that.

But really now, all you really needed to do was deliver the mashed potatoes.


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