Increase Gas Mileage up to 25% with MPG50 Fuel Conditioner on the Shopping Show

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MPG50 Fuel Conditioner

MPG50 Fuel Conditioner increase gas mileage up to 25%

Marquette, MI – Just received a big shipment of MPG50 Fuel Conditioner here at the studio. For $25 per Bottle, it’s a really neat product that you should try because it increases your gas mileage up to 25%!!! One bottle treats an entire 160 gallons of gas so it last’s a while. In my mind, the math speaks for itself, let’s say gas is $4.00 per gallon & this product helps you save 25%, making gas more like $3.00 per gallon, you could save up to $160.00 with the one bottle! This product helps clean the engine and helps gas burn more efficiently. It works for any gas or diesel engine. All you need to do is swing by our studios next to Super One Foods in Marquette or give me a call and I’ll set one aside for you, 906-227-8888

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