Taylor Swift’s Battle with Bronchitis Caused Recent Show Cancellations

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7/11/2011 – Taylor Swift has bronchitis according to reports from the country music singer/songwriter. She stood her ground in a rainstorm in the Boston area a few weeks ago and it cost her a few of her recent shows. She plans to continue her tour in Montreal on July 14th, so all should be well with the superstar by then.

Taylor Swift has been changing the landscape of country music ever since she broke onto the scene in her mid-teens. Her latest album broke a million sales in the first week, which is just incredible. It’s not just teenage girls that listen to Taylor Swift, either. Women of all ages enjoy Swift’s music, who also has her songs converted to pop music most of the time to broaden her audience.

The cancelled shows had to break a few hearts, but it can’t be easy to sing with bronchitis.  At least the illness didn’t take the superstar out of commission for too long.

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