Joanna Smith, a True Country Girl Straight from the Georgia Mud

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08/18/2011- Joanna Smith is another young country star making a name for herself in the country music world.  She grew up on a farm in Georgia where she began her childhood dream of becoming a sassy country music star.

Joanna Smith

Joanna Smith

The 22-year-old was inspired by country icons Reba McEntire, The Judds, and Dolly Parton to pursue her dreams.  Her first single, ‘Gettin’ Married,’ was a huge radio hit right away.  Then in 2010 she became the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year.  ‘Georgia Mud’, another great hit from this farm town girl from Georgia, is heard all over the radio.

Coming up in September, Joanna will be opening up at the Dollar Bank Country Jam for Little Big Town, Darius Rucker, and many other country stars.

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