Flu Season Taking Out WFXD

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WFXD Down With The Flu

Renjith Krishnan Influenza Virus

Flu Season is definitely hitting WFXD hard! Doc has been sick a couple times and it hit me as well just yesterday. It has begun and no man shall be left as witness. So pick up your vitamin C shield and your sanitizing atheme and fight the good fight against infection. Remember that these bugs are of a whole new breed and if you must have an antibiotic or anti-viral medication that you finish the prescription!!! Many people do not realize that these super bugs develop because individuals do not finish their antibiotics and allow remaining bugs to mutate in their body to form more resistant strains.  So finish that prescription weather you feel better or not! I know that a lot of women especially will suffer yeast infections due to antibiotics this winter but believe me honey a curable candida infection is much easier to deal with that a drug resistant, fatal microorganism bent for your blood! Take it from me, I’ve dealt with both! And remember to drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest and pray for mercy…..

Your Crazy, Frizzy, now sickly, Lizzy Ann

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