Jerrod Niemann’s Video Premiere- ‘Shinin On Me’

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A Country Song With A Different Kind of Twist

Jerrod Niemann’s latest hit now has a video to go along with it. And it fits perfectly.

Shinin On Me

Jerrod Niemann

Jerrod’s latest hit “Shinin On Me” has not yet reached the Hot 100 chart, but I think it will in time. He took a risky approach using instrumental horns for this song, but he thinks that his listeners will like the uniqueness of the country song with a twist.

Jerrod’s second album will hit stores in the fall and “Shinin On Me” will be on there for you to hear.

The video shows the band partying in a local diner, while a business man sits outside. When it starts to rain, the business man stays outside feeling sorry for himself…for a while. Jerrod and his friends are not letting it bring them down. And that’s what the songs all about, “you don’t have to let the storms of life ruin your day,” Jerrod says.

I like it, it sounded like a Counting Crows hit for me at first, but the country’s showing through and it’s growing on me.

Check out the video at The !!!


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