American Idol Finale TONIGHT

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Finalists Jessica and Phillip- Find Out Who Wins Tonight at 8 on Fox

Wooo, were finally going to find out who wins!

American Idol Judges

Season Finale Tonight at 8

The opening was funny last night when Ryan asked how they were feeling and Jessica answered and then Phillip answered with a “BLAAHAHAHAHA” while shaking his head. HAHAHA!

Last night’s show was very good. The Judges thought Jessica won the first round. They were split for the second, and Phillip won the third. But they do have to be very careful not to say too much or they can sway the audience’s vote.

I did like Phillip’s final song better than Jessica’s. Jessica’s was like a sad, pop song instead of the “I just won idol” song were used to from the previous years.

And how about Scotty McCreery?! He was great closing the show. He really is like a young Garth Brooks; he’s just got that classic country voice that I feel is disappearing a bit today. Loved him!



Jessica is so good, but Phillip is so original, so I don’t actually know for once. Phillip is so goofy I’m almost leaning towards him but I will be happy for either of them!

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