Lady Antebellum Latest Video And Behind The Scenes

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Lady Antebellum’s Brand New “Wanted You More” Video Is Out

Lady A’s new hit “Wanted You More” is currently number 27 on the Billboard Country Charts and I think it’s going to move up pretty fast in the country music world.

Wanted You More

Lady Antebellum

Their new video is on The along with some behind the scenes footage of the group making the video. It is quite powerful, with a dark background and dark scenes, but it is very good and it goes well with the song. I like when the video matches the lyrics and the music, unlike Taylor Swift’s “Eyes Open” office utensils video.

My favorite scene is the last one with the piano on fire. The behind the scenes shows how they did that and it is AWESOME!! An awesome idea and it looks awesome!

Check out Lady Antebellum’s “Wanted You More” video and the behind the scenes HERE!


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