My First Golf Outing

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We Golfed At The Red Fox Run in K.I. Sawyer

Well, my boyfriend took me golfing last Saturday evening at the Red Fox Run for the first time and it was so fun! I have been practicing by going to the driving ranges quite a bit, so I was sort of prepared.

Me swinging my golf club at the Red Fox Run course in K.I. Sawyer.

Me swinging my golf club on the Red Fox Run course in K.I. Sawyer

The only real problem was that the ball was doing directly to my right. Not hooking or whatever, just straight to the right, right from my swing. It literally went into the woods and I would hit it out, then it would go back in and I would hit it out and so on and so on : )

My hits got some good height and distance, they just went the wrong way. We worked on it and with more practice they will start going more straight.

I’m going to keep practicing and golfing now too, to get better AND because it’s fun!




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