Backwoods Ballers Split Last Night in Marquette Mountain Volleyball

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The Backwoods Ballers’ Marquette Mountain Wednesday Night B League Volleyball Games Went Well

The weather was pretty nice for last nights matches at 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at Marquette Mountain’s sand courts. It was humid, but the kind of cloudy so we got a little break for the sun!

We lost our first match yesterday in two games, we should have won, but it just wasn’t working for us. We still had a good time though, as usual. But our second game, against the lifeguards, went very well.

They came in all cocky thinking they were going to beat us without a fight and they were all high schoolers!! Still in sports…and still in shape : P But we got on top of our game and played awesome! We were diving and hitting and our serves were awesome! We won in two games!

Marquette Mountain Wednesday Night B League Volleyball

Backwoods Ballers WIN!

My sister got us way ahead with around 6 service points! And at one point I got a good set from one of my teammates and I killed it right into their center court! No one really said anything until I started doing our “score” dance, then everyone cracked up and cheered! It was a very vocal game on both sides of the court; some cheering and some competitive taunting.

So we are now 3-4, not too bad. I still hope to be above 500 (50%) at the end of the season, which I think is coming up in a few more weeks. Time to get down to business!


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