Kristin Chenoweth Still Hosting ACA’s With Trace Adkins After Accident

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After a terrifying accident, Kristin Chenoweth says she’ll be ready to host the American Country Awards with Trace Adkins!

While on the set of “The Good Wife,” a piece of lighting equipment fell and struck Kristin in the face. It slammed her into the ground, she hit her head on a cement curb and was knocked out cold.

Kristin told People magazine, “I’m getting along so good, but for example, about three weeks ago I found out I have three cracked teeth from the accident. It’s an ongoing recovery and it’s not going to be fast. I have neck issues and a five-inch skull fracture, [but] that’s healing … [I’m] doing great and moving forward.”

On “Live! With Kelly and Michael,” Kristin emotionally recalled waking up in the hospital to costar, Josh Charles, holding her hand. She also needed her mom to help her.

“I said, ‘Why me, why me, why me, why me?’ and she (Kristin’s mom) said, ‘Why not you? You’re human like everyone else. Things happen. You’re no special or worse than everyone else,'” Kristen said.

But with over a month to go until the ACA’s, Kristin is looking forward to making the night a memorable one for all the fans!

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