Dance in Trenary on Sunday

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Trenary, MI the heart of the U.P.

The famous “Trenary Next 2 Exsits” gag sign…which got taken when the state replaced the road signs, even though the Trenary Lions Club paid for it.

My home town of Trenary is a small one, with right around 570 people in its capacity. It includes three churches, two bars, one co-op, the Trenary Bakery and a community building!

There is going to be a dance held tomorrow, October 21st from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Trenary Community Building.

I actually had to have my graduation party there after being rained out of my outside plans on our farm. It is a very nice building and means a lot to the community. So go enjoy the dance and if nothing else you can say, “Hey I’ve been to Trenary…you know where the toast comes from!”

Music will be provided by the Country Classics. Admission is $5 with lunch available for a $3 donation.

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