‘What Is That?!’

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This past Saturday I went to the Rock Bible Chapel for a chilli feed and hunting presentation.

Rock, MI is on M-35 about 20 minutes south of Gwinn, just so you know. At the chilli feed you could sign up for door prizes, there were delicious homemade desserts and an Escanaba Barbershop Quartet was there to sing to us before we ate. They were amazing!

There were about 16 different chillies for everyone to try, along with cornbread, summer sausage, cheese and crackers. Everything hunters love!

There were also guest speakers who spoke about game cameras, pastors who shared their stories and messages, and my boyfriend’s grandpa showed their hunting videos.

Finally, there were displays of guns, duck mounts, deer mounts, bobcat mounts, and something else that was so creepy I couldn’t look at it. I’m not sure how you come up with that, but it sure got some good reactions!

Can you figure out what it is?!

Creepy Animal Mounts


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