Our Family Christmas Tree

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Over Thanksgiving weekend, my older brother and my sister were home which means the whole family was together.

We have always had a real Christmas tree and my mom wasn’t going to change this year. It’s a tradition of ours that we all go out and cut down a beautiful spruce tree. This years was in our horse pasture and we always use my Grandpa’s antique hand-saw to cut the tree.

Carrying the tree in, the horses always get so curious and run around snorting at this moving tree : 0 So this year, we dropped the tree over the fence and they went silly, prancing around and trying to get close enough to smell the tree. Funny!

It’s always a  fun time to share with my family and we had a great time again this year.

Now it has lights wrapped around it in our house, when it’s decorated I’ll take another picture!


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