Swamp Adventures

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Well, it’s only happened once so far, but my boyfriend did manage to get our Polaris Ranger Razor stuck again!

We were in a hurry, of course, to make it to my parent’s, so he went to bait his blinds while I got ready. In about 10 minutes I got a text that said, “I’m stuck, bring the truck!”

I thought he was kidding because as he was walking out the door I said, “Call if you get stuck.”

Well, I brought the truck out and picked him up in the field, we went back to camp to get the all-wheel drive four-wheeler, but of course, the breaks were frozen. It took us a torch and about 10 minutes of reving the engine before it moved.

Finally we took off into the woods. When we got about 1/2 mile back I saw the Razor. It was buried! We attached the tow-rope to both machines and got in. I don’t know how I ended up driving the Razor, but my boyfriend was in the four-wheeler behind me. With one tug it didn’t move an inch. I knew I was going to get muddy.

One more harder tug and I gave it her all in reverse. The mud started flowing over the top of the windshield and the four-wheeler was throwing mud at me from behind. “O well,” I thought. “We’re moving.”

I pushed the pedal down harder and let the mud flow.

We got it out, it was caked in mud, but we weren’t, surprisingly, too bad!

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