Our Christmas Tree

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This past weekend, my boyfriend and I were finally able to get out Christmas Tree up.

After driving around the his camp field, we saw two trees that looked pretty nice! We decided to go back and get it the next day, after getting new decorations.

That night we went to Escanaba and found some great lights, bows, bulbs, and pine-cone lights for outside!

Sunday evening, we made room for our tree, trimmed it up and brought it in. We choose a beautiful Blue Spruce, one that fit perfectly in our house! But, they are the pickiest trees in the world!

We were sharing a pair of gloves to get the tree up and put the lights on. By the time we were done my fingers were raw from the piercing needles! It was still fun!

While watching, “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch that Stole Christmas” we put everything on the tree except our bulbs, I still have to get hooks for them. We also hung our pine-cone lights up outside over the porch.

Everything looks great! Merry Christmas!


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