Merry Christmas!

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After another wonderful party at my boyfriends grandparents, we only have 2 left… : (

At our grandparents, we ate a delicious meal, watched football and opened gifts; the perfect Christmas party! We got a western comforter for our bed and it is beautiful and absolutely perfect for our house!

Western comforter


We also went to the other side of the families Christmas party. We had a huge traditional meal, played games and enjoyed the company of almost 30 people!

Now, today after opening gifts, we are going to have my mom’s side of the family over to my parents for another traditional meal and gifts.

Then my boyfriend and I will head back to our house to open our gifts to each other! Then we may try to attend a Christmas party at my boyfriends brothers house. Otherwise, there is another party in Rock with more family members!

In all we will have gone to at least 5 Christmas parties this year. Perfect! You can never have too much Christmas cheer!

Christmas Decorations

Our tree!

Merry Christmas!!!!





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