What a Great Christmas!

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Four parties down and my family and I are in a bit of a Christmas coma!

We had such a fun time hanging out, eating and exchanging gifts all weekend and into the Holiday! I got a Neoprene, rounded back , saddle blanket from my parents and a hunters orange halter from my boyfriend. My horse had a great Christmas too! My parents also got me a beautiful western Swarovski Crystal necklace!

Swarovski crystal necklaceEveryone loved their gifts…and the food! My mom’s meal was amazing and we all ate too much! My sister and I are planning our work outs now : )

My favorite part of the Holiday is still spending time with family! We watched movies all night and snacked : ) It doesn’t get better than that!

New Years is next, so we have to get back into shape so we can get out of it again!


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