‘Set You Free’ Gary Allan’s New Album Coming Out

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Set You Free album

Photo courtesy: TheBoot.com

Gary Allan’s 7th studio album is set to release on January 22nd!

This album has special meaning for Gary; he co-wrote 5 songs and hand-choose the other 7. Many are about the death of his wife, who committed suicide.

“Looking at song titles, when I laid it out the very first time it read like a breakup,” Gary told The Boot. “The first song was ‘Tough Goodbye’ and the last song was ‘Good as New,’ and it covers everything in the middle, from spinning out on alcohol and drugs, to anger, to reflection. The whole album has hope and was timely for me, too. I’ve waited a long time to get back on the radio.”

“Set You Free” got its name for the first single on the album, “Every Storm Runs Out of Rain,” it’s a line in the song. You can go to amazon.com to pre-order a copy!

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Here’s the track list:

1. “Tough Goodbye”
2. “Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)”
3. “Bones”
4. “It Ain’t The Whiskey”
5. “Sand In My Soul”
6. “You Without Me”
7. “One More Time”
8. “Hungover Heart”
9. “No Worries”
10. “Drop”
11. “Pieces”
12. “Good As New”

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