Miranda Charging For Her Picture..For a Good Cause

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Miranda Lambert's MuttNation FoundationMiranda Lambert came up with a great idea to raise money for her MuttNation Foundation!

While working at her store, Pink Pistol, in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, people would always ask Miranda to take a picture with them. Of course she loves her fans, but it was getting in the way of her work. So, she decided to ask for a $100 donation that would go towards her doggie charity in exchange for her picture.

MuttNation helps fund animal shelters, supports adoption and helps train therapy dogs. Miranda’s already raised $2,500 for the foundation!

I think it may be a bit steep…maybe $50 or $75 even, but people are obviously still taking pictures so it’s working and it’s helping out mans best friend!

“Now, I can do pictures and meet fans and also raise money for my doggies,” Miranda said. “It works out good. I don’t ever want the perception of people thinking I’m charging money for my photo. It’s definitely not for me — it’s all for the animals.”

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