Memorable Auditions

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Memorable Auditions

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American Idol week two is behind us now and there were a bunch of good singers!

I always love when people have had hard lives then they show up at America Idol and sing amazingly…just true God given talent!

Rodney Barber used to be homeless and now sings on the streets to help other homeless people. Seretha Guinn brought her daughter in and sang “The Fresh Prince” believe it or not and she was great! Her boyfriend almost died in an accident and she didn’t tell him she was there, she wanted to hopefully surprise him with good news and lift his spirits. Another, Ashley Smith, walked in with a blonde wig and she was kind of goofy, but boy could she sing!

There are such great stories and that’s why I watch American Idol. I like to watch the people who deserve it succeed! You can watch all of the “Memorable Auditions” at!

Idol is on FOX at 8 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday night!


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