LIVE at Tractor Supply Today!

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On the road, LIVE at TSC tomorrow!

The Country Scoop with Heather will be live on the road today starting at 11 and going until 2 p.m.!

I will be at Tractor Supply Company in Marquette with Chris from Hiawatha Land Farm Bureau and we are going to be telling farm stories! Like the time when my sister’s cat, Jake, kept getting fatter and fatter and we were feeling his belly and thought he was going to die…well Jake had kittens! You never know what’s next growing up on a farm and because of that I am very excited to hear everyone’s stories!

Jilbert Dairy will also be there with their Chocolate Milk! TSC will be making hot dogs and you can come eat lunch with me! It’s a farmer’s dream!

Tractor Supply Company in Marquette 11-2 p.m. today!

I hope to see you there!!


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