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The Country Scoop with Heather on 103 FXD

The Mission Craze kit came with the sites, the stabilizer, the quiver, and the rest. I also got a release and arrows!

I got the brand new Mission Craze bow, made by Mathews, for my birthday from my family!

For the last couple of weeks my parents, my fiance and I have been talking about getting me a bow to hunt with. I’ve, sadly, never bow hunted, even though I’ve hunted just about everything!

My dad saw this bow at the Rec Show at the Superior Dome a while ago and mentioned that it was perfect for me…and it is!

My fiance and I went to Maple Lane Sports this past Saturday to check it out and I really liked it! After shooting it quite a few times, we decided to get it! Only one problem, I was shooting right-handed and I’m left eye dominate. That means when we were trying to set my peep-sights I naturally looked through the them with my left eye. You can’t do that.

So, I either needed to order a left-handed bow or learn with a right-handed one. I’ve shot right-handed all my life, so the simple fix was to close my left eye. I was already pretty accurate.

I was sore Sunday after shooting about 25 times at the store, but I am very excited to start target practicing!


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