Truck Shopping – Chevy or Ford?

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The Country Scoop with Heather 103-FXD

The aftermath of our field!

He likes the Chevy, I like the Ford…what should we do?

It’s pretty much the U.P.’s biggest debate, but luckily we both like Toyotas! I think the new Ford trucks are awesome with their black grills and chrome! My finace likes the Chevrolets…my grandpa used to call them Shev-It-Or-Leave-It’s! HA! We can both compromise on a Toyota, but the gas mileage is worse and neither of us like the new Tundras.

Either way the truck needs to pull a good 8,000 pounds of horses, it needs 4-wheel drive to get ‘unnamed people’ out of the fields when they get stuck in the mud : ) and it has to have low miles and get good gas mileage because we put on a good 50,000 miles a year!

I want a yellow truck…but we both like black.

Any ideas?

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