Why I Love the U.P.!

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This was right in Super One Foods Marquette parking lot!

I saw this camp firewood stand in the Marquette Super One Foods parking lot this morning.

This is only the second time I’ve seen a “self pay box” believe it or not. Coming from Trenary, a town with a population of 300, you’d think I would have seen this more!

This past fall, my fiance and I went to buy pumpkins and the roadside pumpkin stand we stopped at had the trusting “pay here” box. He couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen one before.

I think it is very cool that not only in small towns but even in the “big city” of Marquette, Michigan people are still trusting enough, and honest enough, to be able to use a “put money here” box!

That’s the kind of people who live here and that’s why I love the U.P.!


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