There Were So Many It was Almost Frightening!

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The Country Scoop with Heather 103-FXD

There were so many it was kind of creepy!

This weekend at my fiance’s grandparents house they had a spectacle out of their dining room window. Could be a record!

There were 12-15 Hummingbirds buzzing around the sugar-water feeder all at once!

Our grandparents are actually used to many of them flying around, but Sunday evening there were a lot even for them!

With the abnormally chilly weather we’ve been having, maybe they were trying to fill up for the night? After all they do have to eat about every 10 minutes to stay alive. At night they actually go into a sort of coma to stay alive while they sleep!

This was a pretty cool sight! AND you could stick your finger out the window and they would land on it!!

Have you had more Hummingbirds than that at once?


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