A New ‘First’ For Me

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The Country Scoop with Heather 103 FXd

$12.50 at Utopia with Elaine!

Yesterday, June 3rd, my fiance and I got our engagement pictures taken!

We were waiting for my mom’s Lilacs and Apple blossoms to bloom, and they finally did this past weekend.

We heard it could rain Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so we thought we better do them…even with only a days notice.
I decided that if this country girl is ever going to get her nails done, now is the time. So I made an appointment with Utopia Tanning in Marquette to get the Shellac Manicure. It’s suppose to last for 2-3 weeks. Elaine did my nails and they turned out so great!

Plus, if you go in 3 times before the end of August, nails are 1/2 price with her forever!!! I’m going back in July and August!

It was chilly for the pictures, but the sun was out and it wasn’t raining. My nails and my man looked great! We had so much fun; we took over 350 pictures! Most need to be erased because we used multiple clicks per picture to make sure we got the moment!

If this manicure lasts through horse riding, I may be going back a lot more than 3 times!


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