Summer Project Turns Into a 1 Day Project!

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The Country Scoop with Heather 103 FXd

After 2 hours

Living the country lifestyle means giving yourself a, sometimes, overly large project to do during the snow-free months. So, we had a field cleared at our house.

After getting the trees logged, our summer project consisted of clearing the brush…the never ending brush!

But our neighbor called, he’s a landscaper, and he was doing a job in our area. He said he would cut 1/3 of the price for us if he could clear our fields with his equipment now. YEP!

The Country Scoop with Heather 103 FXd

After 3 hours

After only two hours they had 1/3 done, and after 3 hours they almost had half of the big field done.

After work today, I suspect I’ll go home to a whole new field; beautifully level and brush free!

Next step is to build a barn and bring the horses in!





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