Dangerous Aftermath from the Storm in Rock

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The Country Scoop with Heather 103-FXD - Great Lakes Radio

You can just see the orange flame under the branches

The Severe Thunderstorms the National Weather Service warned about hit us in Rock, MI around 6 a.m. this morning.

My fiance and I woke up to the wind blowing the screens out of our open windows. It was raining so hard it looked like fog out the window! The lightening was almost constant, but you could barely hear the thunder threw the wind.

It only last 30 minutes and at 6:30 a.m. it was over.

We were left with 6 trees down, either uprooted or broken, in our fields and no power. A large spruce tree fell over the powerline directly across the road from our house. It was smoking heavily, the power-poles were bending and flames were coming from the tree branches that were in contact with the lines. It was quit a sight up-close and personal!

The Country Scoop with Heather 103-FXD - Great Lakes Radio

The powerlines were almost touching the ground!

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