Everyone Should Experience a Beyonce Concert!

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My sister, a couple of her friends and I traveled downstate July 19th, to stay at my brother’s house in Lake Orion before going to see Beyonce in concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

My brother’s house is 5 minutes away from The Palace, so he dropped us off and picked us up so we could avoid the crazy chaotic parking lot.

We got to the concert an hour early to watch Beyonce’s opener, Luke James. He sang lower tempo-ed songs but he had a great voice. But we could not wait for Beyonce; the fact that the mega-star was going to be in front of us, talking to us was pretty cool!

You would not have believed the crowd when she made her grand enterance, with fire, lights, bass and the works! The crowd would continue to cheer just as loud between every single song.

Beyonce’s concert had the most lights, bass, fire, dancers, ballerinas, videos, glitter, dancing and spectacles I had ever seen in a concert! It was amazing!

Watch the video for just a little taste of a Beyonce concert.

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