Our New Pet

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My fiance and I have noticed a new critter around the house lately. It’s a Woodchuck!

We almost shot him twice, because most small critters do damage around the house: Skunks spray house pets, Porcupines quill house pets, Squirrels kill apple trees, and Racoons get into everything!

This Woodchuck has not done anything bad. We thought he would start digging, which would be bad because the Rasberry hill he lives on is our septic field, but he hasn’t so…we named him Bart!

My fiance said, ” We should find out what Woodchucks eat, so I can feed him and let him know he’s welcome.”

How cute! So I Googled “what do woodchucks eat” and this is what came up:

Definitely not wood.

Woodchucks are groundhogs.

They go wild for succulent green plants — especially alfalfa and clover. They also eat seeds, grasses, fruits, vegetables, herbs, weeds, dandelion greens and small invertebrates, such as grasshoppers. They drink very little water, as most of it comes from the plants they eat.


Meet Bart!

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