Puppy Love!

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My wife Cori is out of town for training this week and the dogs and I are missing her.  So I thought I’d post a picture of my dogs and include Billy Currington’s Video for his hit “Like My Dog” too!

The Big and Darker one is Arlo he’s 2 years old.  The Smaller female is Layla and she’s 4years old.  They are Weimeariners and Cori and I love them to death.  Tobi our German Exchange student is also happy to have dogs, when he came to live with us from Germany he asked if we had dogs… and we didn’t disappoint.

My side of the family is big on dogs, and there are now more dogs than people, and it’s going to get worst!.  My parents have 2, my older sister has 1, we have 2, my younger sister has 2 and one is pregnant!  Family dinners… talk about a dog party.


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