Tigers Are Not My Friend

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Tigers Are Not My Friend

Crazy Tiger tried to eat me!

(Denver, Colorado)  –  Sept 20, 2013  –  Last week I was on a trip to Colorado, Denver specifically but we traveled all around the surrounding area and to Boulder!  We decided to go to the Denver aquarium which I though “Sure, that will be fun”  It was not!  After walking around and checking out some of the fresh water fish and otters we came up to the Tiger area.  I had forgotten that there were Tigers there, and was excited to see them.  I crouched down got out out my phone to snap a few pictures. There were two Tigers so I went back and forth between then taking pictures, one turned around and started walking my way.

As I pan my camera over in its direction this crazy Tiger pounced… directly at me… I jumped back, almost falling over and Cori my wife and Tobi our German exchange student both laughed out loud and what just happened.

I didn’t end up getting a picture of the Tiger with his paws and mouth slobbering as he smashed into the thick glass.  I was just happy to be alive at that moment and was so taken back by it I didn’t click another photo.  Here are some photos of the tigers, right before and after the incident, you can see it in his eyes that he was gunning for me… Yikes

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