Fall Sunrise and A Special Something I Haven’t Seen Since Last Year

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USB OutletMarquette, Michigan  –   (September 29th, 2013)  Yesterday I woke up early and had a busy day ahead of me.  I had to get a few things from Menards and was there just after they opened.  I’m glad they open early, and that’s my favorite time to go because it’s mostly contractors and they are just as busy as I usually am.  I needed a couple of power strips, a few headphone splitters (but only if they were on sale) and I was looking for a USB wall plug.  Not the Male end like a phone charger to plug into the wall, but the female end to mount to the wall so you can just use a USB cord and plug it in like a power outlet.  I think this would be awesome for charging phones and still have open outlets.

When I walked up I saw a few things:  First a beautiful sunrise that I stopped right in the way of a car and took these pictures.  I felt like a tourist when I realized that I made a car stop and shaking my head I quickly got out of the way.  That’s when I noticed the second thing – Pumpkins!  I hadn’t even though about pumpkins since last year around Halloween time.  It really is fall when these jolly orange guys come out begging to be carved up.  While I don’t particularly like what this holiday has turned into now that I’m older (Fashion Show at the Bar), I do really enjoy carving up a jack-o-lantern and baking up some salty pumpkin seed goodness.  When I draft my masterpiece this year I’ll toss a few photos up for all to enjoy – I’ve got some new techniques I want to try, oh yeah!  If you have any tips please leave them in the comment section below.

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