What the Buck! Are You Looking at Me?

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Deer Head - What the BuckWe are always busy at the Studios, but some times it can get a little boring.  So… to liven the office up I though a game would be fun and I enjoy being  just down right silly.  Of course by “Silly” I mean very productive, uhm… focused and hard working!

I want you to guess who’s behind this buck in this picture.  (Leave a Comment below) The culprit’s picture is listed below as a reference to see if you can find any similarities with our deer friend Bucky!

I can’t wait for Deer season this year – Bucky’s got me thinking about deer camp! What’s that Bucky – Nov. 15th isn’t a highly anticipated holiday for the Deer community??


The choices are:

Let me know if you think it’s Travis, Amy or Me.  I’ll have the answer tomorrow so check back!

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