Tobi our German Exchange Student trys to like Country

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Tobi Hanging out in the 103-FXD Studio with Me

Marquette, MI – (October, 10th)    Tobi our German Exchange Student joined me in the 103-FXD Studio last night for some Country Music and a whole lot of fun.  Tobi enjoys and mainly listens to  Pop, A/C, and some Techno… so even though our library consists of the best Country songs ever recorded, he wasn’t completely sold on it.

I told him that Country Music would grow on him if he gave it a chance.  I know the more time he spends in the U.P. the more the themes of the songs will resonate with him.  Tobi rolled his eyes at me when I told him that – but he did pose with one of my Cowboy hats, (I though wearing it might speed up his country music adoption!)  Check out the links below of Tobi and I, and you’ll hear what we talked about during the show last night.  He’s a funny guy and enjoyed busting a myth that many Americans have about Germans and their Beer habits.

Dierks Bently might just be German because: Domestic, Light and Cold is the German way too!

Here is Tobi On the Air!

Tobi’s first time On-Air

Tobi speaks in German about Beer

Tobi discusses why he chose America for his exchange country

Tobi Does Not Like Country Music

Tobi does not like Country Music as much as Pop **What**   I though my hat would help…